Where’s your goals at????

Just recently faced this exact scenario… my goals are huge, the hurdles I face and am going to be facing are even bigger… I had a vision of where I wanted my life to be in 6 years, and as I told the selected few people I realized that either they didn’t see what I saw or they simply didn’t believe I could achieve these goals… either way moving forward ny goals and desires I will keep private but I will achieve every single thing I set my mind too… the reason I know I will achieve these goals is simply because I don’t quit, I never give up on a vision and all visions require tweaking at one point or another but set your goals so damn big you feel uncomfortable telling people that only see what’s inside their box… the world is limitless, just because I’m an ordinary soul on this planet DOES NOT mean I can’t achieve anything I want… success starts with the inner desire to believe in yourself… One small step at a time achieves huge goals over time #believeinyourself #iamthestorm #goals #livethewayyouwant #staypositive #stayfocused #thinkbig 


Affiliate What????

So I have dipped into affiliate marketing… I have researched for what now seems like weeks, I have watched millions of webinars that promise me the world if I pay a small fee.  Which led me to this pre conceived idea that I can do this myself if all it takes is knowledge behind the product your selling and guidance from efficient resources. 

I am hell bent on the fact this is what I’m going to do, I have decided the market I’m going to target and I have looked into the products I am going to be “sponsoring” right, because that’s basically what it is.  I definitely don’t think I want to dip into paying someone money so I can make money when resources are readily available on the internet and blogs. 

I am new to wordpress and loving this. My dream since I was 12 years old has always been to write a book, to help people and this is the perfect spot for it. Now, onto my dreams of being an affiliate marketer. I simply do not understand how to build an audience through wordpress. I am learning, I am writing, I am watching to tutorials, you tube videos and webinars whatever I can get my hands on.  Why not??? I currently run my own auto detailing company, I work for an amazing company that I’ve been with for 10 years in which after my 3rd child they allowed me freedom to work from home. I have 4 children one whom is autistic and if i have learned anything in the past 10 years it is absolutely nothing in this world in untouchable. I am untouchable.  I can do whatever I set my mind too. Resources are available at your fingertips and I may not have a college degree but I am capable of learning, reading, using my resources and applying it to every day life just like everyone else.  I am the storm… I can conquer whatever my dreams are set out to be… the only thing that will ever stop me is myself and I am proud to say that I have learned to change my mindset and stay positive, focus on the bigger picture, never allow obstacles to stop me from my goals.  I am a believer in myself and I will tell you, if you can believe in yourself there is nothing in this world that can stop you 

A Mother’s time spent alone 

I am a mother of four. I own my own business, and work for a company from home that I have worked with for over ten years, so clearly you can understand the insanity of my days and clearly you can understand why at 1:00 in the morning I am grateful to hear only the sounds of the filter in the fish tank splashing water. 

I know there will be days not far from now that I will miss the insanity of children screaming, laughing, running, playing, taking kids to practice, working my butt off to try to make ends meet, exploring different ideas to help my business grow, trying to conquer the working days and taking care of my kids I will.  But in this moment I hear the splashing of the water, the dancing of the rain outside my window and I am thinking one day my goals my dreams will be fulfilled. 

Today was a day like any other, the kids played as I typed away at work, they fought as I tried to research how to grow my business, I received phone calls from my husband about the horrible day he was having, I spoke to my sister about the problems she was facing with her son (my nephew), I tried to give encouraging advice to both my husband and sister while trying to explain to my teenager why sticking s wire into a plug socket was a bad idea (don’t ask).  

I taught my autistic son why secrets are very bad, I showed my 3 and 5 year old how sharing there toys and playing together was much better than throwing toys across the room and who’s toys are who’s.  

I took a seat after cleaning the house and realized how my heart hurts. I am home with my children but am I ever mentally here.  I keep telling myself that one day I won’t have to worry about bills, I won’t have to fight for the next account and I won’t have to grieve over the time that I have missed all while understanding how much time I am currently missing.  It’s a double edged sword I guess some would call it… it’s a constant battle in my brain trying to understand priorities and what takes precedence over what. I often try to convince myself that if I worked in an office it would be the same thing I would have to work 9-5 plus an 2 hour commute so I am benefiting them by being home or am I am?  

As moms we always feel like we never do enough, we often feel guilt over things we shouldn’t feel guilty about.  But one day I’m going to miss my babies I see my oldest who is 13 and Literally have breakdowns thinking of how much time I have missed with him. I swore I wouldn’t that anymore and then life happened. 

But one day I will conquer my empire.  I will conquer my dreams and my goals and fulfill my life’s purpose and I pray more than anything in this world my kids will see everything I have done was for them. 

I may not be that mom that spends hours on end playing, singing, dancing, going on vacations that I can’t afford but I am that mom that loves unconditionally, that will stop whatever I’m doing to wipe away thier tears, that will listen to the tragedy that struck because a toy was stolen, that will kiss away all the boo boos and make them disappear, that will walk to the ends of the earth to find a solution to any problem. 

Life and priorities are harder than I have ever expected but I hope in the next year I can figure it out enough to be able to give my kids that quality time, and that expensive vacation 


This past weekend was phenomenal, and definitely removed one off the bucket list. My 13 year old son loves the outdoors, loves climbing, hiking, woods, you name it he’s game. Me on the other hand hates everything about the woods, bugs, ticks, heat, uhh nope not for me.  However, my son went away for about a month to my parents and he asked “mom when I come home you think we can go hiking”.  Sure kiddo I missed him so much and just wanted him home. Well, he came home and first thing asked was let’s go hiking. I said pick a place… and don’t yah know he picked the absolute hardest trail in all of NYS… breakneck which is located on 9D in croton falls NY.  So here I am never hiked a day in my life with my 13 year old having panic attacks half way up this mountain… literally mountain.

I saw the genuine happiness in my sons eyes that him and I were climbing this mountain together. I soaked in the beauty that surrounded me, the fresh air. The accomplishment I felt by not only climbing that mountain but for pulling myself away from work, my daily struggles, my research to spend the day with my son.  We reached the top of the mountain and I wanted to stay forever. We did it together. The view was more magnificent than anything I’ve ever seen before! I understood in that moment why my son loved the woods so much, why he loved the challenge of rock climbing, how the peace and serenity completely drowned out all the noise of every day problems.  I realized that my baby boy is not much of a baby anymore as he helped me up the hardest parts of the mountain, he was turning into a man… a man that I am so proud of.  I also realized that he is 13 and in 3 years when he can drive he will not always want me around.  So I soaked in that moment more than I’ve ever allowed myself too.  I cherished the view, the laughs, the accomplishment, and most of all my son.  Breakneck