This past weekend was phenomenal, and definitely removed one off the bucket list. My 13 year old son loves the outdoors, loves climbing, hiking, woods, you name it he’s game. Me on the other hand hates everything about the woods, bugs, ticks, heat, uhh nope not for me.  However, my son went away for about a month to my parents and he asked “mom when I come home you think we can go hiking”.  Sure kiddo I missed him so much and just wanted him home. Well, he came home and first thing asked was let’s go hiking. I said pick a place… and don’t yah know he picked the absolute hardest trail in all of NYS… breakneck which is located on 9D in croton falls NY.  So here I am never hiked a day in my life with my 13 year old having panic attacks half way up this mountain… literally mountain.

I saw the genuine happiness in my sons eyes that him and I were climbing this mountain together. I soaked in the beauty that surrounded me, the fresh air. The accomplishment I felt by not only climbing that mountain but for pulling myself away from work, my daily struggles, my research to spend the day with my son.  We reached the top of the mountain and I wanted to stay forever. We did it together. The view was more magnificent than anything I’ve ever seen before! I understood in that moment why my son loved the woods so much, why he loved the challenge of rock climbing, how the peace and serenity completely drowned out all the noise of every day problems.  I realized that my baby boy is not much of a baby anymore as he helped me up the hardest parts of the mountain, he was turning into a man… a man that I am so proud of.  I also realized that he is 13 and in 3 years when he can drive he will not always want me around.  So I soaked in that moment more than I’ve ever allowed myself too.  I cherished the view, the laughs, the accomplishment, and most of all my son.  Breakneck 


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